LIMS TerraLab MoH Ukraine

Volodymyr Nerubenko


A special edition of TerraLab laboratory information management system was launched for the laboratories that are under control of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as well as other governmental and municipal medical institutions.

Based upon a particular type and the needs of these medical laboratories, it includes:

  • special functionalities for the optimization of laboratory processes;
  • generalized stock list and laboratory directories;
  • set of test result forms in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • set of laboratory registers and other printing forms, frequently used at the laboratories of this particular type;
  • specific management functionalities;
  • statistical and other reports necessary for this type of institutions.

TerraLab team created a successful implementation scheme for LIMS TerraLab projects at the laboratories of the budgetary institutions.  With the help of this scheme, the implementation and launch process is very effective and takes a short time.

LIMS TerraLab has a great experience with government tenders, including ProZorro, an e-procurement system. We can provide a complete set of documents required in such cases.

The licensing and pricing policy of LIMS TerraLab special edition for the budgetary institutions differs from our standard policy.  It has greater flexibility that allows selecting the best option practically for every situation.

Special edition of LIMS TerraLab MoH Ukraine is a new level of efficiency in Ukrainian medicine!