ISO 15189

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Laboratory functionality

Laboratory functionality

Pre-analytical stage

Laboratory functionality
Laboratory functionality
Laboratory functionality
Date and time of test order registration
Import of orders from other systems
Additional order registration for the previously registered specimens
Option for the indication of urgent tests
Estimated time of completion for each order item
Creation of the order form
Generation of barcode labels for a sample identification
Automated determination of a test tube number and type (transport media)
Automated determination of a minimum sample volume for each order item
Automated selection of a sample collection method according to a test order
Specialized workstation for a collection point
Sample collection date and time
Date and time sample received by the laboratory
Indication of factors leading to a test failure
Automated SMS notification of a patient (doctor) in the event of a test failure
Automated determination of a number of secondary tubes when aliquoting
Generation of secondary barcode labels when aliquoting (relabeling)
Sorting of samples by departments (workstations)
Assigning positions to samples on the rack
Sorting of samples for transportation to other laboratories (outsourcing)
Control over the processing of outsourced tests
Automated selection of individual normal ranges for each test item
Indication of a sample dilution process
Automated selection of a research method with an option to make changes
List of sample positions
Date and time sample delivered to the laboratory research unit (workstation)
Additional numbering of samples by units and positions
Printing forms with a task for manual methods