ISO 15189

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LIMS TerraLab Lite

LIMS TerraLab Lite is a laboratory information management system that streamlines all laboratory processes and significantly reduces human errors. TerraLab Lite is an accurate and complete framework, oriented to optimize the production and maintenance of test results.

LIMS TerraLab Lite is a special edition of LIMS TerraLab for emerging markets with options customized for small and medium-sized laboratories.

LIMS TerraLab Lite for laboratory processes:

  • Patient and sample registration with the automated sample labeling at a collection point.
  • Sample relabeling during a sorting process, when generating secondary tubes, with further distribution between departments.
  • Workload distribution between laboratory departments and technicians.
  • Calculation of a test turnaround time as well as the control over a timely release of the results.
  • Complete integration with the laboratory analytical equipment.
  • Optimization of manual methods.
  • Automated determination of normal range values for each test item.
  • Automated determination of calculated values.
  • Creation of various test result forms.
  • Automated result reporting to a patient, attending doctor, medical institution via email.
  • Laboratory quality control according to five main methods.
  • Wide range of external and internal registers and printing forms.

LIMS TerraLab Lite for management accounting

  • Control over the cooperation with referring doctors.
  • Scheme of cooperation with insurance companies.
  • Control over the transactions with partner companies.
  • Overall financial report.
  • Key analytical reports.
Detailed characteristics

ISO 15189


Medical Laboratory

ISO 15189

LIMS TerraLab was inspired by ISO 15189 approaches to medical laboratory management. The ideologists and developers of TerraLab software products are certified ISO 15189 experts. The users (laboratories) of TerraLab laboratory information system have successfully been accredited to the requirements of ISO 15189 standards.


ISO 12119


medical software

ISO 12119

Laboratory Information Management System TerraLab has been successfully certified in accordance with ISO 12119 international standard. This fact confirms the high quality of our software product.
All updates are also released according to the standard and are annually recertified.


Short system overview

User reviews

In 2014, for the first time in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, a pilot project on the implementation... Details

Inessa Nazaryan


TerraLab is a very convenient laboratory information system that makes the work of the laboratory personnel much easier. First of... Details

Nino Zhgenti

Laboratory Manager

The network of Aversi Clinics has been working with TerraLab and Analyzer manager for already three years. The laboratory network... Details

Nana Dzneladze

Laboratory Manager
Aversi Clinic/Tbilisi

The implementation of LIS allows building an effective complex of laboratory services – from the patient registration and sample collection... Details

Olexander Chuvakov

Laboratory Manager
BMDC/Kryvyi Rih

A modern company that wants to become a market leader in any industry has to use computer technologies and leading... Details

Tamara Vladymyrova

Financial Manager
Astra Dia/Uzhhorod

The first time I came across a laboratory information system was in 2010 and this system was TerraLab software. Having... Details

Valenryna Lemysh

Laboratory Manager

The staff of Biomed Laboratory (Mykolaiv City) expresses our great gratitude to the TerraLab team for implementing of the laboratory... Details

Antonina Shakun

Laboratory Manager

In 2014, the clinic and diagnostic laboratory of Darnytskyi Medical Center municipal enterprise implemented TerraLab software (laboratory information system) for... Details

Roman Zakordonets

Head of
Darnytskyi Medical Center

In February 2018 LIMS TerraLab Lite was implemented in the clinical and diagnostic laboratory of ‘Ambulatoriya zahalnoi praktyky simeinoi medytsyny’,... Details

Oleksandra Zhyzhnevska

Laboratory doctor
General practice outpatient department of family medicine

The modern laboratory today is all about qualified and friendly staff, high-tech equipment and of course, a laboratory information system... Details

Oleksandr Chushkin

Head of

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