Olexander Chuvakov

Laboratory Manager

BMDC/Kryvyi Rih

The implementation of LIS allows building an effective complex of laboratory services – from the patient registration and sample collection to the result release in various formats, as well as the access to the up-to-date information about ongoing laboratory processes.

The greatest advantage of LIS is the modern automated equipment that provides bidirectional data exchange with LIS.

I would like to point out the great opportunities for working with customers and clients, the wide range of connected equipment, the ability to select relevant normal range values for a specific gender and age, accessible technical support and quick solutions of non-typical situations.

The centralized data storage of laboratory research allows a quick search and data systematization as well as the further analysis with management or scientific purposes. It also creates the opportunities to analyze patient’s test results in dynamics.

The quality control module will allow integrating the research data of control materials from different analytical systems in a convenient form for the management and employees.

We hope for the further development of this software.

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