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Oleksandra Zhyzhnevska

Laboratory doctor

General practice outpatient department of family medicine

In February 2018 LIMS TerraLab Lite was implemented in the clinical and diagnostic laboratory of ‘Ambulatoriya zahalnoi praktyky simeinoi medytsyny’, LTD. At the initial stage of system deployment TerraLab IT specialists demonstrated their professionalism and ability to find quick optimal solutions to meet the needs of their clients.

We would like to note the high-quality and friendly software support by the company IT specialists, particularly Elena Sobol, who provides all the necessary information and solves all arising problems as quickly as possible.
The software proved to be a high quality product, easy to use for people without deep knowledge of software usage. The intuitive interface, convenient and logical navigation allow working with the system right after its installation. Reports and archives are easy to work with and navigate. The export of selected reports and archived data in various formats is a very important function.

Due to the software, our laboratory has significantly reduced the completion time of tests, which is the time from specimen collection to the release of results. Also the automation of pre-analytical stage has minimized the possibility of a technical error. The barcoding of samples allows excluding human errors. At the analytical stage the software provides bidirectional data exchange between analyzers and the system. At the post-analytical stage the system shows quality control data, verifies results according to formal rules and sends clients their results. Moreover, the system allows keeping stock accounting and provides various analytics on laboratory operations.

The company constantly develops and updates the product, making it more competitive and including all demands and trends of the rapid scientific and technological progress.

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