Valenryna Lemysh

Laboratory Manager


The first time I came across a laboratory information system was in 2010 and this system was TerraLab software. Having only a vague idea about laboratory information systems, TerraLab training turned out to be quick and easy, even for the laboratory staff without any computer experience; and the practical use of LIS has significantly simplified the laboratory work. The LIS is constantly being improved and updated for even more effective work. The program interface is user friendly.

TerraLab complies with the most of modern medical laboratory requirements. The program minimizes the impact of the human factor, prevents different kinds of errors at all stages of laboratory research. It simplifies patient’s data entry, the creation of a laboratory test order (form), result entry and its release.

The ability to connect our analyzers to LIS saved our employees from monotonous work of assigning the tests individually to each patient. TerraLab unloads the information on necessary tests for each patient and uploads the completed results back into the program.

A very useful function is informing a patient via SMS when the result is ready.

TerraLab has a great support service. The telephone inquiries are processed in the shortest time. I want to say a great ‘Thank you’ to TerraLab developers and all of the company staff.

The program saves your time and money and most importantly helps to provide the high-quality medical care.

It is much more than just software; it is your confidence in each released test result. I recommend.

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