Tamara Vladymyrova

Financial Manager

Astra Dia/Uzhhorod

A modern company that wants to become a market leader in any industry has to use computer technologies and leading software. That is why, our company, which works in the sphere of medical laboratory diagnostics, has implemented and actively uses the TerraLab multifunctional software package. The software package allows achieving a variety of advantages:

  • – convenient and ergonomic program interface that is easy to use, understand and get used to;
  • – automated information flow between the operator and the employee in charge of the operation;
  • – unified work of the software package and automated analyzers;
  • – loading the data necessary for research and automated unloading of the results into the program;
  • – printing of any information at any processing stage, thus, eliminating manual keeping of the most medical records.

Moreover, this software package can be useful not just for the medical experts. It allows implementing the management accounting from A to Z.

The system provides:

  • – receiving a payment by card or cash when registering client’s orders;
  • – tracking of debtors;
  • – information about referring organizations and individuals;
  • – up-to-date information on the volume of provided services for the period stated;
  • – number and cost of the material resources spent on the research;
  • – information about expense items by their components (salary, transportation, administrative expenses, etc.);
  • – analysis of the financial report (general and by items) of the company’s business activities for the period stated.

Thus, TerraLab multifunctional software package is easy to use and efficient in terms of financial expenses. TerraLab team works with each client individually in order to completely adjust their software with the specifics of every laboratory. They take into account all of client’s requests and suggestions, and as the result you get the software completely adjusted to your medical laboratory work.

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