LIMS TerraLab PRO is a TOP-level laboratory information management system that allows flexibility in the customization and maintenance of laboratory processes as well as wide functionalities for business needs (management accounting). The system easily integrates with HIS, including HL7 support. TerraLab PRO is very flexible in administration.

The concept of TerraLab PRO is about the automation of complex laboratory processes as well as modern laboratory management.

LIMS TerraLab for laboratory

  • Patient and sample registration with the automated sample labeling at a collection point.
  • Workstation for a nurse.
  • Sample relabeling during a sorting process, when generating secondary tubes, with further distribution between departments.
  • Sorting and control of the outsourced samples.
  • Workload distribution between the laboratory departments and technicians.
  • Calculation of a test turnaround time as well as the control of a timely release of the results.
  • Complete integration with the laboratory analytical equipment.
  • Optimization of manual methods.
  • Automated determination of normal range values for each test item.
  • Easy control of analytical methods and sample positioning (repositioning).
  • Automated determination of calculated values.
  • Creation of various test result forms.
  • Automated and manual verification.
  • Automated result reporting to a patient, attending doctor, medical institution via email.
  • Laboratory quality control according to five main methods
  • Fixation and control system of pre-analytical quality markers
  • Builder of external and internal registers and printing forms

LIMS TerraLab for laboratory business

  • Implementation tool for multiple pricing policies and price list building.
  • Complete marketing statistics on clients, referring doctors and partner companies.
  • Cooperation with insurance companies.
  • Control of transactions with partner companies.
  • Stock accounting adapted to the needs of medical laboratories (with automated write-off of reagents and calibrators, control of minimum balance, purchase planning).
  • Calculation of the initial research cost.
  • Financial accounting of cash and bank accounts with the cost structure analysis.
  • Integration with fiscal equipment.
  • Workload management and staff control.
  • Implementation and control of staff motivation scheme, salary.
  • Capability to implement marketing and discount programs for patients as well as individual terms of cooperation for partners.
  • Communication with partners via SMS, e-mail.
  • Full range of analytical reports.
  • Independent statistical database.
  • and much more…

TerraLab PRO technical advantages

  • Highly ergonomic and intuitive user interface.
  • Flexible administration allowing users to see only the necessary components.
  • High level of system performance.
  • Ensuring reliable work with remote locations by using the data replication technology.
  • Convenient tool for reporting and printing forms.
  • Exporting data in different formats.
  • System can be adjusted to the specific requirements of each laboratory.
  • Capability to integrate with other informational systems and software products.
Detailed characteristics

ISO 15189


Medical Laboratory

ISO 15189

LIMS TerraLab was inspired by ISO 15189 approaches to medical laboratory management. The ideologists and developers of TerraLab software products are certified ISO 15189 experts. The users (laboratories) of TerraLab laboratory information system have successfully been accredited to the requirements of ISO 15189 standards.


ISO 25051


medical software

ISO 25051

Laboratory Information Management System TerraLab has been successfully certified in accordance with ISO 12119 international standard. This fact confirms the high quality of our software product.
All updates are also released according to the standard and are annually recertified.