LIMS TerraLab and ISO 15189

Володимир Нерубенко


ISO 15189 is a modern standard for the medical laboratory organization and management. LIMS is a main tool for building and managing laboratory processes. These two components are key to effective performance of a laboratory.

A medical laboratory is a web of many difficult interconnected processes. The planning of laboratory operations is the most crucial process. That is why, it is very important to rely not only on your own experience, but also the ISO 15189 common expertise.

The understanding of methods and approaches of ISO 15189 standards will definitely be a great help with drawing the process plan on paper. Meanwhile, LIMS will become a foundation and a tool allowing the successful implementation of your plan in life. Moreover, LIMS will help to optimize laboratory processes and minimize human errors.

LIMS TerraLab was inspired by ISO 15189 approaches to the medical laboratory management. The ideologists and developers of TerraLab software products are certified ISO 15189 experts. The users (laboratories) of TerraLab laboratory information system have successfully been accredited to the requirements of ISO 15189 standards.

ISO 15189 + LIMS TerraLab = Your confidence in each result!

Our team consists of the technical experts as well as the experts on medical laboratory organization and management. We know how to make your laboratory effective in practice!