Oleksandr Chushkin

Head of

The modern laboratory today is all about qualified and friendly staff, high-tech equipment and of course, a laboratory information system that allows to optimize the work of the entire company.

We want to thank TerraLab team for the product they offer. First of all, this is a Ukrainian product has no analogues and can satisfy the needs of the most demanding client. The program provides modern solutions for client registration, formation of the database, quality control, statistics and much more… Of course, we are pleased with the technical support and service, if in short its efficiency, confidentiality and consistency. TerraLab system in your laboratory can become an assistant at the reception, manipulation room, units of biochemical and enzyme immunoassay tests, as well as to make work of the director, laboratory manager and accountant much easier. Everyone will appreciate the benefits of this software. Once again, our team wants to thank TerraLab and wish – WAY TO GO GUYS!

Roman Zakordonets

Head of
Darnytskyi Medical Center

In 2014, the clinic and diagnostic laboratory of Darnytskyi Medical Center municipal enterprise implemented TerraLab software (laboratory information system) for the laboratory automation. The system provides full cycle support of laboratory processes, starting with client’s visit and sample collection to test results release and regulated reports.

TerraLab team consists of experienced technicians, administrative managers and programmers. The company specialists demonstrated a high professional level while developing and implementing the laboratory information system (LIS). The usage of LIS in the clinic and diagnostic laboratory of Darnytskyi Medical Center allowed to automate the majority of laboratory processes and reduce the time of many operations (sample registration, information search etc.). The employees have permanent access to information on the current status of tests in progress, statistics on the completed tests, printing of primary documents. The administrator controls the complete process of laboratory tests.

The system allowed to:

  • – speed up the patient and sample registration process;
  • – manage all production processes;
  • – move away from routine paperwork;
  • – organize electronic storage of archives;
  • – reduce the number of mistakes during patient registration;
  • – search necessary information faster and issue the duplicates of test results;
  • – improve financial discipline;
  • – strengthen management control.

The administration of Darnytskyi Medical Center municipal enterprise is satisfied with TerraLab cooperation. We are sure that are dealing with a reliable partner, and every day the implementations help our employees and patients. We hope that our further cooperation will be even more productive, because we always need new solutions, and TerraLab is the right company for their professional implementation. We recommend TerraLab systems to other laboratories in order to optimize the production process and improve the quality of medical services.

Oleksandra Zhyzhnevska

Laboratory doctor
General practice outpatient department of family medicine

In February 2018 LIMS TerraLab Lite was implemented in the clinical and diagnostic laboratory of ‘Ambulatoriya zahalnoi praktyky simeinoi medytsyny’, LTD. At the initial stage of system deployment TerraLab IT specialists demonstrated their professionalism and ability to find quick optimal solutions to meet the needs of their clients.

We would like to note the high-quality and friendly software support by the company IT specialists, particularly Elena Sobol, who provides all the necessary information and solves all arising problems as quickly as possible.
The software proved to be a high quality product, easy to use for people without deep knowledge of software usage. The intuitive interface, convenient and logical navigation allow working with the system right after its installation. Reports and archives are easy to work with and navigate. The export of selected reports and archived data in various formats is a very important function.

Due to the software, our laboratory has significantly reduced the completion time of tests, which is the time from specimen collection to the release of results. Also the automation of pre-analytical stage has minimized the possibility of a technical error. The barcoding of samples allows excluding human errors. At the analytical stage the software provides bidirectional data exchange between analyzers and the system. At the post-analytical stage the system shows quality control data, verifies results according to formal rules and sends clients their results. Moreover, the system allows keeping stock accounting and provides various analytics on laboratory operations.

The company constantly develops and updates the product, making it more competitive and including all demands and trends of the rapid scientific and technological progress.

Nana Dzneladze

Laboratory Manager
Aversi Clinic/Tbilisi

The network of Aversi Clinics has been working with TerraLab and Analyzer manager for already three years. The laboratory network consists of nineteen branches, including three standard and five large laboratories. On average we conduct 60,000 tests per month and believe that our ISO 15189 and ISO 9001:2008 certificates are truly deserved.

From the very beginning, starting from the implementation, the program completely fulfills all its functions:

1. The terms of implementation.

2. The approach towards the specifics of the region and the company.

3. TerraLab is the solution for managing all processes in any laboratory.

4. Analyzer manager is a smart solution-integrator of TerraLab with different analyzers.

5. The program support is provided from Ukraine, but it seems as if the TerraLab team is in the office next door.

6. The reasonable, problem-free and timely updates of the program.

We want to thank you all, starting from the developers to everyone who supports this “organism”.

Nino Zhgenti

Laboratory Manager

TerraLab is a very convenient laboratory information system that makes the work of the laboratory personnel much easier.

First of all, it is a unified sample labeling with barcodes and automated uploading of results into completed forms. These two options almost completely eliminate the errors of pre-analytical and post-analytical stages. With the help of the program we can automatically send results to emails, have an easy access to statistics and control the entire work flow.

However, sometimes there are some problems connected with automated sending of results to emails and we have to resend them manually.

Overall, TerraLab is an effective solution for a high quality of laboratory performance.

Inessa Nazaryan


In 2014, for the first time in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, a pilot project on the implementation of TerraLab laboratory and information system was launched in the laboratories of EcoSense.

The use of a professional and modern software network system in our laboratories has allowed transferring the work to a new quality level. Having chosen TerraLab system, we obtained not only a high-quality system but also acquired a reliable partner in the field of automation of laboratory diagnostics. The partner, who by means of computer technologies, provides the maximum effect for our laboratories and increases the return from the laboratory equipment we use. The speed of laboratory processes has been greatly increased, while the influence of the “human factor” has been significantly reduced.

Apart from the said above, I would like to point out the work of TerraLab team of specialists that demonstrate high professionalism, an individual approach to every client and, if necessary, are always willing to help.

Tamara Vladymyrova

Financial Manager
Astra Dia/Uzhhorod

A modern company that wants to become a market leader in any industry has to use computer technologies and leading software. That is why, our company, which works in the sphere of medical laboratory diagnostics, has implemented and actively uses the TerraLab multifunctional software package. The software package allows achieving a variety of advantages:

  • – convenient and ergonomic program interface that is easy to use, understand and get used to;
  • – automated information flow between the operator and the employee in charge of the operation;
  • – unified work of the software package and automated analyzers;
  • – loading the data necessary for research and automated unloading of the results into the program;
  • – printing of any information at any processing stage, thus, eliminating manual keeping of the most medical records.

Moreover, this software package can be useful not just for the medical experts. It allows implementing the management accounting from A to Z.

The system provides:

  • – receiving a payment by card or cash when registering client’s orders;
  • – tracking of debtors;
  • – information about referring organizations and individuals;
  • – up-to-date information on the volume of provided services for the period stated;
  • – number and cost of the material resources spent on the research;
  • – information about expense items by their components (salary, transportation, administrative expenses, etc.);
  • – analysis of the financial report (general and by items) of the company’s business activities for the period stated.

Thus, TerraLab multifunctional software package is easy to use and efficient in terms of financial expenses. TerraLab team works with each client individually in order to completely adjust their software with the specifics of every laboratory. They take into account all of client’s requests and suggestions, and as the result you get the software completely adjusted to your medical laboratory work.

Olexander Chuvakov

Laboratory Manager
BMDC/Kryvyi Rih

The implementation of LIS allows building an effective complex of laboratory services – from the patient registration and sample collection to the result release in various formats, as well as the access to the up-to-date information about ongoing laboratory processes.

The greatest advantage of LIS is the modern automated equipment that provides bidirectional data exchange with LIS.

I would like to point out the great opportunities for working with customers and clients, the wide range of connected equipment, the ability to select relevant normal range values for a specific gender and age, accessible technical support and quick solutions of non-typical situations.

The centralized data storage of laboratory research allows a quick search and data systematization as well as the further analysis with management or scientific purposes. It also creates the opportunities to analyze patient’s test results in dynamics.

The quality control module will allow integrating the research data of control materials from different analytical systems in a convenient form for the management and employees.

We hope for the further development of this software.

Antonina Shakun

Laboratory Manager

The staff of Biomed Laboratory (Mykolaiv City) expresses our great gratitude to the TerraLab team for implementing of the laboratory information system in our laboratory. The TerraLab software allowed the complete automatization of laboratory work at all stages of laboratory processes.  The assignment of an individual barcode to each client helps to eliminate the human factor. The process of result delivery in our laboratory has become much faster. Each patient receives an SMS message once the test is completed; also it is possible to get the results via e-mail. The design, development, implementation, training and software support is very professional, despite the fact that most of works are done remotely via Internet.

We would like to wish the whole TerraLab team health, success, professional achievements and many grateful clients. Thank you for helping the medical industry!

Valenryna Lemysh

Laboratory Manager

The first time I came across a laboratory information system was in 2010 and this system was TerraLab software. Having only a vague idea about laboratory information systems, TerraLab training turned out to be quick and easy, even for the laboratory staff without any computer experience; and the practical use of LIS has significantly simplified the laboratory work. The LIS is constantly being improved and updated for even more effective work. The program interface is user friendly.

TerraLab complies with the most of modern medical laboratory requirements. The program minimizes the impact of the human factor, prevents different kinds of errors at all stages of laboratory research. It simplifies patient’s data entry, the creation of a laboratory test order (form), result entry and its release.

The ability to connect our analyzers to LIS saved our employees from monotonous work of assigning the tests individually to each patient. TerraLab unloads the information on necessary tests for each patient and uploads the completed results back into the program.

A very useful function is informing a patient via SMS when the result is ready.

TerraLab has a great support service. The telephone inquiries are processed in the shortest time. I want to say a great ‘Thank you’ to TerraLab developers and all of the company staff.

The program saves your time and money and most importantly helps to provide the high-quality medical care.

It is much more than just software; it is your confidence in each released test result. I recommend.