Nana Dzneladze

Laboratory Manager

Aversi Clinic/Tbilisi

The network of Aversi Clinics has been working with TerraLab and Analyzer manager for already three years. The laboratory network consists of nineteen branches, including three standard and five large laboratories. On average we conduct 60,000 tests per month and believe that our ISO 15189 and ISO 9001:2008 certificates are truly deserved.

From the very beginning, starting from the implementation, the program completely fulfills all its functions:

1. The terms of implementation.

2. The approach towards the specifics of the region and the company.

3. TerraLab is the solution for managing all processes in any laboratory.

4. Analyzer manager is a smart solution-integrator of TerraLab with different analyzers.

5. The program support is provided from Ukraine, but it seems as if the TerraLab team is in the office next door.

6. The reasonable, problem-free and timely updates of the program.

We want to thank you all, starting from the developers to everyone who supports this “organism”.

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