Inessa Nazaryan



In 2014, for the first time in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, a pilot project on the implementation of TerraLab laboratory and information system was launched in the laboratories of EcoSense.

The use of a professional and modern software network system in our laboratories has allowed transferring the work to a new quality level. Having chosen TerraLab system, we obtained not only a high-quality system but also acquired a reliable partner in the field of automation of laboratory diagnostics. The partner, who by means of computer technologies, provides the maximum effect for our laboratories and increases the return from the laboratory equipment we use. The speed of laboratory processes has been greatly increased, while the influence of the “human factor” has been significantly reduced.

Apart from the said above, I would like to point out the work of TerraLab team of specialists that demonstrate high professionalism, an individual approach to every client and, if necessary, are always willing to help.

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