Oleksandr Chushkin

Head of


The modern laboratory today is all about qualified and friendly staff, high-tech equipment and of course, a laboratory information system that allows to optimize the work of the entire company.

We want to thank TerraLab team for the product they offer. First of all, this is a Ukrainian product has no analogues and can satisfy the needs of the most demanding client. The program provides modern solutions for client registration, formation of the database, quality control, statistics and much more… Of course, we are pleased with the technical support and service, if in short its efficiency, confidentiality and consistency. TerraLab system in your laboratory can become an assistant at the reception, manipulation room, units of biochemical and enzyme immunoassay tests, as well as to make work of the director, laboratory manager and accountant much easier. Everyone will appreciate the benefits of this software. Once again, our team wants to thank TerraLab and wish – WAY TO GO GUYS!

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